Personal BaZi Reading

The Four Pillars (BaZi) system allows us to determine the strengths and weaknesses in our destiny and the Luck Cycles that are encountered over the course of a lifetime. In so doing we can illuminate which cycles are more favorable and which are more difficult. With this information we can then identify potential situations and decide how best to negotiate these periods.  Are they times of growth where we can proceed confidently, or are they more challenging times where we need to show more care, caution and discretion?

Please note that your BaZi birth chart is not computer generated, but rather it is personally researched and prepared by Janene.

Information required prior to Four Pillars Consultation:

  • Year, month, day and time (if known) of birth
  • Country and city/town of birth

A personal Chinese Astrology Consultation consists of:

  1. Your BaZi birth chart
  2. One-hour telephone consultation with Janene

AUD $348